Banking InvestmentsEFA Ventures over the 20+ years of it's operations has developed extensive experience and capabilities in three (3) specialized sectors to support its international customers.

1. Technical Services

EFA Ventures is a highly qualified Technical advisor, supporting a large number of clients and their contracts in the markets of Aerospace, Defense, Security and Public Works and Infrastructure. EFA Ventures has an impeccable track record in supporting its clients in the development of new business and negotiations and management of procurement contracts and industrial development and cooperation programs.

The main services offered by EFA Ventures are:

  • Technical Support
  • Market Intelligence
  • Development, Management and Support of Industrial Cooperation and Participation Proposals
  • General Project Administration, Management and Legal Support

EFA Ventures is working closely with its customers and their 1st and 2nd tier suppliers/subcontractors to identify work packages or other industrial related programs with local and international aerospace and defense and high technology industrial partners.

EFA Ventures has successfully acted in an advisory and management role for clients' contracts and successfully developed and implemented a number of industrial cooperation projects for the local and international Defense Industry and Armed Forces.

2. Financial Services

EFA Ventures in a case by case basis has supported and advises its clients in providing specialized finance advisory services for the structuring and implementation of technology intensive programs, as well as high-technology green-field investments.

3. Internet and Industry Intelligence Services

EFA Ventures is the driving force behind (EPICOS), the leading information portal for the Aerospace and Defense markets and the only in-depth global service for Industrial Cooperation and Offset Programs. EFA Ventures through its know-how and people has contributed in the design, development and several upgrades of the portal, as well as been the foundation of the intelligence and market access that EPICOS currently has.

EFA Ventures has supported the development and expansion of the platform in over 30 countries around the world. EFA Ventures has also supported the development of the EPICOS Industrial Development Program that is/has being implemented with great success in over 15 countries around the world, as well as the fostering the collaboration between EPICOS members and users. The EPICOS Industrial Development Program enables individual company insights, greater efficiency and new business models in dozens of sectors.

EFA Ventures since the start of 2013 is administrating and operating the portal, employing a number of highly experienced personnel in the fields of IT, Defense, Aerospace and Offset/Industrial Cooperation Intelligence, as well as general administration and marketing.

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