European Finance & Aerospace Ventures (EFA Ventures) S.A.

EFA Ventures is a leading global advisory firm in the Aerospace and Defense markets, providing its international clients with market intelligence, technical advisory and support services as well as management and consulting services for industrial collaboration and development. The diverse services portfolio of EFA Ventures also includes investment banking and financial, as well as internet based market intelligence support services.ring skills and e-collaboration.

EFA Ventures has more than a 20+ years track record in successfully supporting its clients managing their procurement and Offsets/Industrial Cooperation programs. EFA Ventures assists its global clients to improve their industrial participation performance, comply with complex related regulations and reduce costs -delivering measurable and sustainable results..

EFA Ventures provides a complete range of services including turn-key solutions to its customers in support of their Offsets/Industrial Cooperation commitments starting from industry analysis and development of industrial cooperation proposals up to program and contract management, implementation and crediting.

EFA Ventures also provides complementary market intelligence, technical advisory, legal and contract management consulting services in selected markets.

Learn more - Portal for the Aerospace & Defense is a unique B2B portal in its approach to use internet to promote and develop Business-to-Business Offset and Industrial Participation among the Aerospace & Defense contractors. as an established leading international business to business platform for the high technology industries - provides Information Services and Tools to identify, develop, promote and process Business Opportunities on Procurements, Marketing and Product development for International Industrial Co-operation. represents a key resource for professionals and companies in gathering offset/industrial cooperation intelligence as well as participating in a community for industry and governments to understand Offset and Industrial Participation ventures.

Furthermore, active members such as professionals from the industry, government, universities, or any other related type of business, use the platform to collaborate and seek industrial related opportunities. users are invited to upload their own company and product information, integrate their own service or just view content in the world’s largest industrial community.

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